Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby shower on a budget

Even if you're only inviting a few people, buying supplies for a baby shower can be expensive. There's the decorations, the cake, other food, invitations, etc. Here are my suggestions for saving some money for your party.

  1. Send an Evite. You can save money on postage by sending online invitations instead. and com gives you a lot of options for personalizing your invitations. If you prefer to mail your notices, your can make your own invitations on the computer instead of buying them. You will, however still have to buy the envelopes. But all you will need is one box, and that's cheaper than a stack of invitations.
  2. Dollar store decorations. In today's world, there's a dollar store on every corner. And they all carry tons of decorations. You can find tableware, streamers, balloons, even cute candles.
  3. Shop wholesale for foods. If you're having 20+ people at your shower, you could end up emptying your wallet at the local supermarket, even if there is a sale. So if you have a chicken recipe on your menu, go to a wholesale meat store rather than the market. You'll probably have to go to a few stores to get everything you need at the best prices, but you will end up saving a lot of cash, so it's worth it.

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