Friday, August 31, 2007

"Catch the Cradle" - A unique baby shower game

Do you need an idea for a unique baby shower game? Why not try to predict who's next in line for a baby?!?

Name of the Game: Catch the Cradle (or diaper, or bottle, or anything baby related. But I think "Catch the Cradle" just sounds more...catchier!

Instructions: Buy a small toy baby cradle and a little baby figurine. Hopefully, you can find a cradle with a baby attached. If not, just glue the figurine into the cradle. Toward the end of the baby shower, have all the guests gather around somewhere in the room. The mom-to-be will turn her back to everyone and, you guessed it, she will throw the cradle to the crowd. Whoever catches it is next in line for a baby shower!

The baby shower prize: Now that's the tricky part. Even though we know that whoever catches the cradle is not actually destined to be the next person to have a baby, I think it would be fitting to give a baby shower-related prize for this game. And I mean something more "to the point" than a candle or plush toy. Something that really says "get ready, there's a baby on the way" (and hopefully the winner will know that we're not serious). My suggestion: a "pamper yourself" basket, filled with lotions, bubble bath, chocolates, maybe a pair of soft slippers. Anything that women use to ingulge themselves in relaxation. This is a great gift for "Catch the Cradle" because the winner will be rewarded for being a good "sport", just by participating (and, of course, she's being awarded because she won).

I wish I had thought of this when I threw a shower for my sister. The guests would have loved it. But when it comes to a useful idea, as the old saying goes, better late than never. And all good ideas should be shared.

So when it's time for your baby shower, make sure you play the unique baby shower game "Catch the Cradle". It will be a true crowd pleaser.

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