Monday, September 24, 2007

History of the Baby Shower

I've been searching like crazy lately, trying to find out how Americans started celebrating baby showers. Unfortunately, I could not find too much information. But here's what I did learn:

Turns out that baby showers became popular after World War II, and they were originally held about 1 month after the baby was born. The new mom's female friends and family members got together just like we do today, but the purpose was to comfort the new mom, and give her as much support as possible. That's basically the reason we have baby showers today, but I would say the main focus is on the new baby, not so much the mom.

There is even some thought that the ancient Egyptians or Romans could have started the baby shower craze, but no concrete evidence.
With the exception of having the celebration before the birth, and having men attend a baby shower, most of the etiquette and traditions have remained the same. However, it's not really frowned upon in today's society to go against tradition.

So, how exactly did we start celebrating baby showers?? I guess this is one of those questions we'll just never know the answer to. But, I won't give up! I'll keep searching, and I'll definitely keep you updated! If you have any thoughts or information to add about the origination of baby showers, please post a comment.

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