Sunday, September 2, 2007

Long Distance Baby Shower

Ok, so you want to plan a baby shower, but the expectant mom lives far away from everyone! You want to have a shower for her a few months before the baby gets here, but that means she won't be able to travel. So what do you do??

Have a long distance baby shower!

The basic idea is to just have the shower as if the mother-to-be were there, and then send the celebration to her afterwards. Don't know how to get started with planning a long distance baby shower? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Make it a surprise - Just imagine the look on the expectant mom's face when she opens a package in her mail, and finds lots of gifts, decorations and a recording of her baby shower. You'll have to somehow get a baby registry from her without telling her why you need it. Just tell her that you want to get an idea of what she still needs for the baby, so that you can buy her something.

2. When you send out the invites, make sure you let everyone know that this is a long distance shower, meaning the mom-to-be won't be there. And stress to everyone that it's a surprise.

3. Have your video recorder on hand - At the event, you are going to celebrate as usual. As the hostess, you will be responsible for recording everything. Make sure you give everyone an opportunity to say a little something to the soon-to-be-mom, and don't forget to record those games (she'll get a kick out of watching that). When it's time for the gifts, tell the guests to bring them unwrapped so that the mom can see them on camera. After all the gifts are recorded, everyone can wrap their own gifts and put them in the shipping box. Also, make sure the new mom can get a good look at all the food and decorations. Remember, you want to make her feel like she was actually there.

4. Send the shower to her - Pack all the gifts, greeting cards, some or all of the decorations, and, of course, the video and send it off to the guest of honor. If you can fit a diaper cake into the box, send that as well.

That's it! That's all there is to planning a long distance baby shower. The mom-to-be will certainly appreciate everyone's efforts in making the end of her pregnancy a special one.

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