Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Power of Baby Shower Graphics

When you prepare your baby shower invitations, using graphics can be helpful to both the mother-to-be and the guests. Graphics can reveal the sex of the baby and your shower theme without you having to write that information out. Your words are important, as some things will have to be written (time/date/place, RSVP info, etc). But you want the invites to be short and sweet, and you can accomplish that by using baby shower graphics.

If the mother-to-be is having a baby girl, pink invitations will tip off your guests. And this is great information for those guests who will not be buying a gift from the registry. And, of course, blue invites will say "it's a boy". If your baby shower theme does not include the color pink, and you want the invites to match the theme, simple accent the the invite with a pink ribbon or sticker. For example, if your theme is Mickey mouse, then your invites will be mostly black, red and blue. So tape a small pink ribbon on the front of the card. Or, if you want to be more straight-forward, buy or make invitations with the "It's a girl" baby shower graphic already on it.

Another note: you may have guests that want to buy baby clothes or home decor that will match your baby shower theme. And again, keep this in mind because not all of your guests may look at your registry. You can easily tell them what the theme is simply by buying invites that match.

The guests can also use baby shower graphics to add flare to their gifts. Let's say your theme is "Classic Pooh" (I always use this example because its my favorite!). You looked in a few stores but cannot find Classic Pooh wrapping paper. Just look for a matching color instead. For the Classic Pooh theme, the best color is mint green. You will have no problem finding an accent for the gift box, such as a small Classic Pooh plush toy or figurine (think of these examples as 3D graphics), so make that a part of your gift.

After the shower is over, use some graphics for your baby shower thank you cards as well.

Get more ideas for invites, themes and thank you cards here.

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your site sucks I didn't understand anything I'm sorry and dont use the word pink so often.

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