Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby shower gift ideas for the Winter

For most of us, the seasons are changing and the cold weather is moving in. If you are going to a baby shower celebration within the next few months, here are ten great gift options to keep both the new baby and mommy warm and cozy during the winter.

1. Hand-made quilt or blanket
2. Hat, scarf and glove set
3. Baby wipes warmer
4. Mug and cocoa mix for mom
5. Cozy slippers for mom
6. Warming baby oil or lotion
7. Bottle warmer
8. Winter decor for the nursery
9. Pajamas for baby and/or mom
10. Blanket sleeper

All of these baby gift ideas can work all year round, but they will be especially appreciated during cold months.
Happy shopping!

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