Friday, October 26, 2007

The perfect Autumn baby shower

Here in Philly, PA, it’s finally starting to feel like autumn. After having to deal with temperatures in the 80’s for most of October, I can actually wear a sweater today!

But anyway, if you know someone who has a baby on the way and the mom-to-be loves the fall season, then that could be a perfect setting for a baby shower. Here are some great ideas for incorporating all things autumn into your celebration:

*Choose fall colors for your baby shower decorations. Some good ones are brown, red, orange, dark yellow, gold, and green.

*Buy some synthetic leaves and scatter them over the floor and attach some to the walls.

*Use a pumpkin centerpiece. Yankee Candle has some great pumpkin candles that will fill the entire room with a lovely scent.

*Have a Thanksgiving style meal. You don’t necessarily have to bake a huge turkey, but choose menus in which turkey is the main ingredient. For instance, turkey finger sandwiches or turkey chowder (a perfect compliment to the crisp weather). For your other menu items, serve mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin or sweet potato pie, egg nog, etc.

*Give away little turkey figurines as your baby shower party favors. You can deck them with a pink/blue ribbon. Little pumpkin or apple cinnamon candles, or Thanksgiving recipe books are other great favor options. Click here for more party favors ideas.

*Play some fall/autumn games. Have a scavenger hunt and hide autumn related items, and play “pin the feather on the turkey”. Use your imagination!

*To the guests: buy seasonal gifts like a newborn Halloween costume or a plush pumpkin toy.

***Needless to say, check back in a few weeks for my suggestions on a “Happy Holidays” baby shower. That time of year is right around the corner!

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