Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tips for planning a surprise baby shower

1. Make sure you state on the invites that it will be a surprise. If you don’t, someone may slip up and alert the guest of honor.

2. Be discreet about getting theme ideas for a baby shower and a menu. Try your best to learn the expectant mom’s likes and dislikes without being too obvious. Pay attention to her favorite colors, stuff she picks out on her own for the baby, and the kinds of foods she orders at a restaurant.

3. Hide the baby shower balloons!. As you stock up on balloons, streamers, tableware, etc., make sure the guest of honor never sees them. Hide them in your closet or at someone else’s home.

4. Plan a little “fib”. In order to make sure that your mom-to-be will be available for the celebration, tell her that someone else is having a get-together for a completely different reason. For instance, say that one of your mutual friends is having a party for one of her kids. If you say something vague like, “everyone is getting together on Saturday for a family dinner or cookout”, she may catch on, or at least be a little suspicious. The best tactic is to tell her nothing at all. See if you can get her out of the house for a few hours, and charge someone else with the set-up. Then when you get back home and open the front door, she will be alerted to all the guests and decorations, which will reveal the surprise.

5. Plan the perfect grand entrance: Regardless of the baby shower’s location, the actual “surprise!” is key. Make sure your ultimate giveaway coincides with whatever story you told the guest of honor. If she thinks she’s on her way to a kid’s birthday party, then you don’t necessarily have to have all the lights turned off with everyone hiding behind chairs. Just tell the guests to act normal, and yell “surprise” as soon as the mom-to-be walks in. She'll be suspicious if she walks up to a dark and quiet house if there's supposed to be a party going on. However, if she has no idea that she’s going to a get-together, then you can use the “everyone hide” approach. Either way, your mom-to-be is sure to be grateful for her baby shower surprise.

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