Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Holding on to baby shower memories

A baby shower is one of the most memorable occasions in a soon-to-be-mother’s life. So whether you’re the hostess or the guest of honor, make sure you protect the memories of this special day.

The hostess and some of the guests are sure to have a camera on hand, and taking pictures is great for building memories. Why? Because when compared to just thoughts, pictures offer a more vivid reminder of those special times. Make sure you take pictures of EVERYTHING-the cake, centerpiece, all the decorations, the buffet table, of course the gifts, greeting cards, and even all the guests. Use the pics to create a book or online photo album.

What’s more real than pictures? You guessed it…a video. Here’s another great way make sure you always have a reminder of you baby shower on hand. If you plan to record your celebration, there’s no need to have someone walk around with a video recorder the entire time. Just get the most important stuff. Record the gifts being opened, the games as they’re being played, and let your guests say a little something to the newcomer on camera.

You’ll also want to gather some items from the baby shower to add to your collection. Take a piece of wrapping paper from each gift and tape them onto a sheet. Save something from every piece of the decorations; the streamers, a deflated balloon, one of the centerpieces, even one set of tableware. Put all these items into a nicely decorated box and tuck it away in a safe place. This is known as the keepsake tradition. It’s just like saving little memories from a wedding reception.

No matter how you decide to remember your baby shower, you’ll be amazed at how pictures, video and keepsakes will put a smile on your face…even when you’re little one is all grown up!

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