Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cute gifts for a holiday season baby shower

I came across a wonderful gift idea for baby showers during the holiday season. I was browsing the web looking for holiday gifts for my family, and I ended up at Things Remembered has stores in many popular malls and shopping centers, and they are known for personalizing great gifts.

Since most of us are in the midst of decorating our homes, Things Remembered is offering snowflake and angel shaped tree ornaments, and they have cute snow globes.

If you've been invited to a baby shower close to the holidays, these gifts can be the perfect keepsake for a new mom.

Here are some personalization ideas for these gifts:

"Crystal's baby shower
December 2nd, 2007"

"Congratulations or your new baby"

"Special holiday wishes for you and your new baby"

Keep in mind that it does cost a little more to have a gift personalized, but it's very worth it. Get an in-depth look at these great gift selections at

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