Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Can't stand the cold and dreary weather - Get ready for Spring!

We’re in the heart of the winter season and, for some of us, that’s the worst time of the year. I personally like winter – but it’s been brutal in some parts of the country. For those of you looking for some bright and colorful party ideas that will take your mind off of the dreary weather, here are five great ways to make Springtime a part of your celebration:

1. Use lots of pastels – You can use pastel colors any time of the year, but they are especially great for the Spring. Use lots of soft pink, blue, lavender, yellow and light green in your party decorations. If you would prefer to use darker colors like those in the earth tone family. That's fine too, but they can be accented with a pastel. You can pair up brown with tons of colors for boys and girls. Another idea, pair dark colors with white or silver.

2. Have an indoor baby shower picnic – What says “it’s Springtime” better than an old fashioned picnic? Serve up some barbeque, cold salads, and lemonade for your guests, and you can use picnic baskets for the decorations. For your table decorations, take medium sized baskets and stuff them with pretty silk flowers or a plush toy.

3. Use one of these classic Springtime themes – rubber ducky baby shower or the sailboat theme. Both of these nautical ideas use great soft colors that will have your guests looking forward to warm and comfortable weather.

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