Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coed baby shower games

Inviting men to the party? Let them be a part of the fun with these perfect coed baby shower games:

Baby bottle drinking contest – Make sure you have enough baby bottles for all the men. Fill it with anything, water, juice, soda, etc. See which man can finish their bottle first.

Creative diaper – This game will test the guys’ quick thinking skills. Place a bunch of dolls on a table, and make sure there is enough for each guy to have one. In front of each doll, place a bowl with the following items: paper towels, toilet tissue, diaper pins, scotch tape, stickers, glue, baby washcloth, rubber bands, stapler. Each guy has to pretend that the baby needs to be changed, but there are no diapers anywhere! They have to get creative and make a diaper for the doll. The women can vote and decide which creation is best.

Distractions – This game will reveal if the men are truly as organized as the women. Give each guest a card with a “distraction” written on it. For example, “phone ringing”, “someone’s at the door”, “oven timer”, or “baby crying”. One at a time, each guy will take turns trying to multi-task all their distractions while holding the baby (one of the dolls). The hostess will walk around the room and each time she taps a guest on the shoulder, that guest will yell out their distraction. The guy will have to take care of whatever is yelled out, while at the same time, having to keep an eye on the baby.

Pack the diaper bag – What if daddy is taking the baby out for some quality time? Let’s make sure he knows how to properly pack a diaper bag. Give each guy a piece of paper and pencil. They will have 2 minutes to write down everything they will need to care for the baby while they’re out. Whoever can come up with the most items will win.

Name the baby item – Place a bunch of baby items on a table with a number on it, and make sure they are all visible. Give all the guys a pencil and piece of paper, and see who can properly name the most baby items.

Who knows daddy best – this game is just like “who knows mommy best”. Create about 10 – 20 questions about the dad-to-be and see who can answer the most.

Make sure your coed baby shower game will appeal to both men and women. Men like to be active and competitive, so try to choose action games.

And don’t forget about your game prizes. Stay away from the cutsey stuff like candles, soaps and lotion sets. Have some sports stuff, cigars, beer bottles, etc. on hand.

And the most important tip of all, have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I just had to come back and say thank you for the ideas. My friend and I were put in charge of planning a baby shower for my cousin who is having her third child. We did research on the internet trying to figure out what to do, neither of us had ever planned a shower before. Prior to running into your site a fellow blogger suggested we visit a website called to order the invitations which we did do. After that we jumped back online to try and find some ideas. We just kept getting lost, until we ran into your blog. All of the games we found were basically for women only, but the games that you have listed are coed and they are ones that we hadn't run into yet. As I said before, she has had 2 other children so trying to find games that weren’t played at the other showers was difficult.
We played the baby bottle drinking contest. We also found out that our men aren't very creative; they're funny, just not creative. We played the creative diaper game and as I said before it was funny, but they weren't creative. So, again, I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks to ideas like yours, the baby shower was a success..

Online Baby Games said...

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