Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to decorate your baby shower chair

Before we get started with the decorations, what exactly is a baby shower chair? It’s where the guest of honor will be sitting during most of the celebration. Many people like to use a rocking chair, but any type of seat will do, as long as it’s comfortable.

First, you need to decide where the guest of honor will sit. Make sure there is enough room to stack the presents around the baby shower chair, wherever you decide to place it. A corner of the room is best, somewhere near the head table. Also make sure the mom-to-be can easily see all the guests from her seat. Her back should not be facing anyone.

Now, on to the decorations. Basically, make sure they match your overall theme in both color and style. Let’s use the teatime baby shower theme as an example.

Take a look at these baby shower chair decorations for “teatime”:

*Use a lace tablecloth to cover the entire chair, or just drape it along the back and arms of the chair.

*Place a small side table next to the chair. Cover it with a lace tablecloth and a cute teacup set.

*Use two small “church hat” figurines and stick them on the arms of the chair.

Look at these baby shower chair ideas for the “moon and stars” theme:

*Tie a pillow to the top of the chair.

*Place a side table next to the chair with a moon and stars crib mobile on it.

*Place moon and star shaped peel-off stickers on the wall near the chair. Glow in the dark stickers would be perfect.

*Surround the chair with bedtime story books.

Get the idea? However you decide to decorate your baby shower chair, just make sure the guest of honor will be comfortable. Make sure the decorations are not too cluttered, so that she can easily get in, and out of the chair.

As with all your baby shower decorations, do not forget to take a picture of the chair, especially while the mom-to-be is opening her gifts.

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