Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unique baby shower gift wrapping ideas

We all know that shiny wrapping paper is a beautiful site. It lights up the room and makes a gift seem a little more special. But there are other unique ways to conceal baby shower gifts besides traditional wrapping paper. And if you’re going to a baby shower, this is the perfect time to learn some of these great tips. If you want to put a smile on her face, consider some of these unique ways to give the mom two or more gifts in one-

*If your gift is in a box, wrap it with a baby blanket and secure it with ribbon. This idea is especially great if the gift is related to baby bedding, such a mobile for the crib.

*For smaller gifts like baby bottles and pacifiers, use a large bib and a ribbon. Just place the items in the center of the bib and enclose them by bringing the edges together. Then, use a ribbon to tie the bib at the top. With this method, there’s no need for a gift bag or box.

*For clothing, neatly fold and stack the items and wrap them with a blanket or sheet. You can also use the clothing as cushion for a small gift basket.

*What about bathing items? Use the bib technique, but with a towel. Take baby wash, lotion, washcloths, etc, and tie them up with the towel. Secure the towel with a large ribbon.

*If you prefer to use regular wrapping paper, spruce it up with a unique baby gift topper. If you’re giving feeding supplies, use a pacifier or teether and attach it to a ribbon on the top of the box.

See how easy it is to get creative with your baby shower gifts?? Have fun wrapping!

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