Thursday, February 21, 2008

The "Sip and See" Baby Shower

If you want to have a baby shower but you’re pushed for time, just hold off on hosting the celebration until after the baby is born. Once the little one arrives and the new parents have had time to adjust, throw a “Sip and See” baby shower.

This type of shower is basically the baby’s first public appearance, so here are some planning ideas to make the little one feel like a star.

You still want to choose an overall theme, but just decorate and plan on a more informal level. Since this idea is called “sip and see” most planners incorporate the “tea party” theme ideas into their party, but any theme will work.

Throw up a few balloons, centerpieces and other decorations throughout the room, and be sure to use nice tablecloths. If you’ve already had pictures taken of the new baby, using a different picture in a nice frame for each table is an excellent centerpiece idea.

Remember, the idea here is to show off the new beautiful baby. So don't go overboard with the decorations. You want them to be nice, but you do not want them to be the main focus of the room.

Provide lots of finger foods or appetizers for your guests, and a range of beverages. Try to set up the tables so that the guests can walk around and mingle, but be sure to provide places to sit. Since the guests will be indulging in your food, be sure to provide hand sanitizer since they will be around the baby.

If you want to play games or do some activities, the tip jar, advice book, or scrapbooking ideas will work well with the “sip and see” theme. These ideas do not require to much moving around, but they are still fun. And they will provide the new parents with a few keepsakes.

Even though this is a more informal baby shower, you still want to give out party favors and thank you cards. And since the baby is already born, inserting a picture of the baby in each card will be a nice touch.

Happy Planning!

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Baby Shower Invitations said...

I love the "sip & see" baby shower idea. I've noticed that it has been getting very popular lately. I recently planned a sip & see shower. We found an adorable tea party invitation for the shower. Many of guests said that the sip & see shower is the best because they got to spend time with the baby. Keep the ideas coming! Great blog.

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