Thursday, March 6, 2008

Best baby shower themes for the Spring

Whether the mom-to-be is having a boy, girl, or twins, these themed party ideas are great for a Springtime baby shower.

Easter – This theme will enhance pretty pastel colors that will suit a boy or girl. Encourage your guests to wear spring-like colors, and fill the room with lots of springtime décor. Use plush bunnies for table centerpieces, and give your guests small Easter baskets as party favors.

St. Patrick’s Day – Use a light green and gold color scheme for this theme idea. Use leprechaun plush toys, clover shaped stickers, and green and gold beads as the decorations. Use "pots of gold" as your guest table centerpieces. Just fill a glass bowl with chocolates wrapped in gold foil. For a nice touch, hide a small prize in each bowl.

April Showers and May Flowers – Use colorful floral bouquets for your centerpieces, and accent the room with little umbrellas. Use a variety of flowers at each table. You can even give away tulips or tulip seeds as party favors.

Little Sunshine – Everyone looks forward to sun-shiny weather in the Spring. So why not get your guests geared up with a sunny baby shower? Decorate your room with lots of yellow, white and soft blue, which will give it a “sunny sky” feel. Send out yellow invites and thank you cards, and give your guests lemon drops or lemon cookies to munch on during the celebration. And don't forget the lemonade. As a party favor, bake sugar cookies and draw a sun on them with yellow icing. Wrap the cookies in clear plastic and tie it with a white or yellow ribbon.

Any theme you choose will be just fine any time of the year. But these themes listed above are perfect for getting everyone ready for spring. Even if you live in an area that’s still snowy in March and April, these baby shower theme ideas will make everyone feel warm and colorful inside.

Happy Planning!

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