Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More that one baby shower hostess?

Even if you only have a few people on your guest list, hosting a baby shower can end up being pretty pricy. Depending on what you choose for party favors, food, centerpieces, etc., you could end up spending more than you bargained for.

So what’s the solution?

Split the hostess duties with someone else.

Any one of these people can help you plan:

  • Best friend

  • Sister

  • Cousin

  • Mom

  • Mother-in-law

  • Grandmother

  • Aunt

  • Niece

  • Anyone else close to the guest of honor

By doing this, you can split the cost of everything in half. And you can split the responsibilities. Let the other hostess be in charge of decorations and favors, and you can handle the food and centerpieces.

Having more than one hostess is especially beneficial if you’re throwing a last minute celebration. Let’s say you only have a couple of weeks to prepare – ask one or even 2 other people to help you plan, and you’ll have more than enough time to get everything done.

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