Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Best themes for a Baby Sprinkle Baby Shower

Lots of parents-to-be do not want to have a full blown baby shower for a 2nd, 3rd, etc. child. So they have what’s known as a baby sprinkle instead.

Any theme is appropriate for a baby sprinkle, but there are some that do work better than others. You want to choose a theme that focuses on gift giving – of a certain type. Since the baby sprinkle is for children after the firstborn, you want to subtly let your guests know that you do not need as much stuff this time around. Nowadays, most of us re-use baby items – furniture, safety items, bedding, etc.

Let your guests help you with the stuff that you will have to buy all over again, not the stuff you already have.

Here are my favorite baby sprinkle themes:

Little library: This theme focuses on education. The idea is to have all your guests bring baby books as gifts, so the parents can start building a “little library” for the child.

Around the clock: When you send invitations for this theme, you will tell the guests to bring a gift that’s associated with a certain time of day. For instance, whoever gets the 12:00pm invitation can bring in a baby’s blanket for naptime, and the person with the 8:00am can bring something for bath time. Do not tell your guests what gift to bring. Let them decide what baby item is appropriate for a certain time of day.

Sip and see: This is an easy theme also, and should be used for celebrating after the baby is born. Sparingly use decorations around the room, and provide lots of appetizers and beverages for your guests. Let them meet the newborn and mingle with each other. This is a good theme for a laid-back mom. You can play games and do activities, but that is optional. If the celebration is in the spring or summer months, take it to the backyard and have a bar-b-que sip and see.

So, now you know my pics for the perfect theme ideas.

What’s your favorite baby sprinkle theme? Visit my website and share you thoughts.

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