Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby sprinkle invitation etiquette

Baby sprinkles are small-scale baby showers that are specifically reserved for children after the first born. The purpose of this type of shower is to focus on giving the mom to be to small necessities for her new baby, as opposed to the big stuff she already received with baby number one.

So, if you’re throwing a baby sprinkle, make sure you let your guests know that in the invitations. The guests can certainly buy whatever gift they choose, but stress to them, in a nice way, that the mom-to-be has a greater need for certain gifts.

Follow these pointers as a guide for writing your sprinkle invitations:

*Make sure the invitation clearly says “baby sprinkle” and not “baby shower”. This will automatically let your guests know that this will be not quite the same as a shower.

*Use cute baby sayings to stress gift ideas, and to subtly explain the difference between a sprinkle and a shower. Here’s an example:

Bibs, diapers, and bottles galore
The Johnson family is having one more.
All their other kids have plenty to share,
But we still want to show the new baby we care.

The new baby won’t need a playpen or crib.
So just bring the small stuff like bottles and a bib.
Remember it’s a baby sprinkle indeed,
A light showering of things that the baby will need.

More wording ideas for your invitations here.

*Be creative! This is probably the hard part, but it can be done. Use a play on words and try to think of regular words that rhyme with baby words. A good way of doing this is to use an online dictionary to generate rhyming words and syllables for you.

*Lastly, don’t forget to include the basics of an invitation. The cute baby sayings are nice, but it won’t mean anything if your guests don’t have the specifics about the party. Make sure they know who the guest of honor is, the date, time, place, and RSVP info for the baby sprinkle.

Now that you have something to go on, get started on those baby sprinkle invites, and best wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Do you put registry information on a sprinkle invitation?

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