Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best location for a baby shower

I often get asked what's the best place to hold a baby shower.

I always tell people that I am a big fan of having baby showers in someone's home. Having a get-together at your house always creates that intimate and loving feeling. And, it gives you the flexibility to do any type of set-up or decorating that suits your needs.

But, some people prefer to have a baby shower elsewhere for a variety of reasons; too many people coming, they want the party to be outside, they don't feel like doing the cooking and clean-up, etc.

So, if you are having a hard time trying to decide where to host a baby shower, other than your house, take a look at these suggestions:

- For some, church is a second home. Lots of churches have recreational and dining halls that can be used by church members. And if the church does have a dining hall, it will most likely have a full kitchen too. This is a great idea if your baby shower will incorporate a spiritual/religious theme, such as "Noah's Ark" or "Little Lamb".

The Park - If your party will be during the spring or summer months, why not take the party outside and enjoy the nice weather? All you really need is a long folding table, or a few round outdoor tables (you can find inexpensive ones at your local market), and some chairs. Don't be afraid to ask some of your guests if they have furniture that they can contribute. Having a baby shower in the park is great for someone who wants an informal gathering, and who likes the outdoors. One thing I should mention about this idea, you should have a back-up plan in case it rains! Make sure you have a second location in mind in case you need to make changes at the last minute.

A restaurant - First, this option will be more costly than the first two. But don't let that discourage you. Restaurant baby showers are an excellent idea if you don't have time to prepare food before hand. Lots of places offer private rooms, or you can request to have your guests seated in a secluded corner. You can even put up some decorations - tablecloth, a few balloons and streamers, etc. Make sure you start planning early if you're thinking about a restaurant baby shower. You'll have to get a lot of info from the establishment to make sure you're okay with their policies.

As I said earlier, having a baby shower at home is the way to go in my opinion. But whatever location you choose, just make sure your guest of honor will be comfortable. Don't spend more money than you have too, and definitely start planning early.

If you have a baby shower question you want to ask, click here to post it on the baby shower Q & A forum. No need to log in, just type your question and submit it. Once it is reviewed and posted live, other visitors can help you out with all your baby shower needs.

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