Friday, May 16, 2008

Cool favor ideas for a Safari Baby Shower

During the spring and summer months, the Safari theme is one of the most popular for a baby shower. People love the baby animal decorations, the greens and browns that remind them of the great outdoors, and the great party favors that go well with this theme.

Why do the guests look forward to the favors? Because they are a constant reminder of a wonderful celebration. Baby shower favors are quite versatile. You can use lots of favors for any theme idea. But some favors seem to be meant for some themes.

Here’s my pick for the top 5 safari baby shower party favors.

Plush toys and thank you notes – Buy some small safari animal plush toys, a pack of small blank greeting cards, a 1-hole puncher, and some colorful ribbon. On each card, write something like “Thanks for coming to Lisa’s baby shower”. Punch a hole in the corner of the card (near the fold) and make sure the hole goes through each side of the card. Then, use the ribbon to tie the card around the neck of the plush toy. Get a variety of animals, and use ribbons that match whatever color scheme you’ve chosen.

Baby elephant soaps – At any dollar store you can find cute soaps in a variety of shapes and colors. Buy some small baskets, cellophane and ribbon. Put about 5 soaps in each basket and use the cellophane and ribbon to tie it.

Personalized mini water bottles – This is a nice favor that will keep your guests cool in the warm weather. You can find plenty of online stores that specialize in printing personalized labels, candy bar wrappers, stationary, etc. Your labels can say something like “Lisa’s baby shower – May 16, 2008”, or “Lisa’s little animal will be here soon!” Buy some small spring water bottles and replace the labels with your personalized ones. Or, you can order bottles with the labels already attached. Tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the bottle, and make sure the ribbon color matches your theme.

Decorated cookie – Make animal shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with frosting. You can simply outline the cookie with colorful frosting, or write something like “Lisa’s safari baby shower” on it. Wrap the cookie in cellophane or plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon.

Personalized candle tins – There are plenty of online stores that sell basic candle tins with personalized stickers. You can choose from a variety of pictures to go on your sticker, and you can create your own wording. You can simply put the parents’ names, date of the shower, the baby’s name (if known), etc. Present the favors in a small gift bags that match the colors of your decorations.

All these favor ideas are perfect for the safari theme, but you’re not limited to the suggestions above. Let your imagination run wild and be sure to shop around before making a selection.

Keep in mind when you’re shopping for favors that you can always find great stuff at the dollar store. If you want something personalized, you’ll most likely have to order something online.

Happy Planning!

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