Monday, May 19, 2008

How far along should she be?

Sometimes a hostess or mom-to-be is not sure of the appropriate time to have a baby shower during a pregnancy. As with all things dealing with baby shower etiquette, nothing is set in stone. Most showers are usually held during the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. You can have the party earlier that that, but here are a few reasons why you should hold off until the third trimester.

1. Give the parents time to adjust. Once they find out they’re having a baby, they’re sure to be shocked, whether they were trying to get pregnant or not. Give them some time to spread the news to family and friends at their own pace, and adjust to the overall changes of being pregnant. You don’t want to overwhelm the mom-to-be with a baby shower too soon.

2. Wait until they find out the sex of the baby. Nowadays, there are plenty of gender-neutral baby shower themes, but lots of hostesses like to select a theme or choose decorations and favors that are gender specific.

3. Give her time to create a registry. After she finds out the sex of the baby, the mom-to-be can take time to create her wish list. She’ll need time to think about decorations for the nursery, clothes, toys, etc.

4. A very pregnant mom makes for great pictures!! Taking pictures is one of the most important aspects of throwing a good baby shower. Guests love to take pics with the pregnant guest of honor. Her belly can also be used for some great games.

5. Having a shower late in the game adds excitement. The baby shower signifies that the baby is almost here. It’s kind of like the kick-off to “crunch time” for the parents. If you throw the shower just a month or 2 before her due date, you add to her anticipation of meeting her new baby.

It’s not imperative that you wait for her third trimester, but be sure not to have the shower too late either. Do not plan too close to her due date because, as we already know, that date is not 100% accurate. You don’t want to risk her going into labor shortly before the party. You’ll have to change the date if that happens. She probably won’t be up to a party right after giving birth.

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