Thursday, May 15, 2008

What to do with children at a baby shower

Many people think it’s the norm to have just adult women (sometimes men) at a baby shower. But you would be surprised at how many people bring their kids along for the party.

It’s likely that the kids will end up running around, finding things to get into themselves. But as the hostess, you should find ways to get them involved in the rest of the guests’ activities. What better way to do that than with great baby shower games?!?

Of course, the kids can play any game you choose, but there are a few that they may enjoy more than others. I’ve listed a few games that children will love, and the adults can participate as well:

Baby shower anagram – Give everyone a piece of paper and something to write with. See how many baby words they can make out of the words “baby shower”. This can also be a learning game for the kids.

Act out a story – This is a great game for the kids to be in the spotlight. Have one of the adult guests read a children's story, such as “Little Red Riding Hood”. As the guest is reading, the kids will act it out. Make sure the guest reads only about 2 lines at a time, and give the kids time to act out that part before moving on. If there are enough kids, you can group them into teams for this game.

Bottle bowling – Line up 10 baby bottles as if they were bowling pins. Roll a small ball and knock down as many bottles as you can.

Those are my 3 top baby shower games for kids, but as I said before, they can participate in any game you want your guests to play. But keep in mind that kids like to be busy. If you have the room, play action games with the kids.

Also remember that the kids deserve game prizes too. I would suggest instead of giving prizes to the winner, just give all the kids a small gift just because they participated.

Another note…

We all know that eventually you’ll get tired of the kids running around all over the place. Keep a stock of writing games, coloring books, and other activities that kids can do while seated at a table. You can even reserve a table as a “kids corner” somewhere in the room.

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