Friday, June 27, 2008

The slumber bear - the best baby shower present ever??

I was talking to my best friend the other day about her newborn baby. All is well with both of them! But the mom cannot get her baby to stay asleep unless someone is holding her.

If you know someone who is going through this with their baby, or if you’re experiencing it yourself, don’t worry. The baby is not over-spoiled. ALL babies have trouble falling asleep if they’re not being held.

Why, they’ve spent 9 long months in the womb, surrounded by water and all sorts of creative noises. So they’ve gotten used to it. Nothing would put a newborn baby to sleep better than the soothing sounds of the womb.

So what’s the best baby shower present ever? The Slumber Bear

This cute and cuddly bear is much more that just a plush toy. It’s a battery operated toy that offers all the sounds a baby hears before birth. All you have to do is attach the bear to the rail of the crib and turn the device on. It will start to make all those weird but soothing noises, and your baby will be fast asleep.

In addition to that, the device has an auto shut-off mode and it can detect motion. Once the bear turns off (when it thinks your baby has fallen asleep), it will turn back on again if the baby moves or starts crying!

Check out for great deals on the Slumber Bear. Every new parent needs one!

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