Monday, August 4, 2008

Reusable baby shower decorations

Are you planning a baby shower and looking for ways to make your money stretch? Consider these party decoration ideas that incorporate common baby items which can be reused after the celebration is over:

Washcloths for napkins – neatly fold them into a triangle and place them next to your plates. Provide disposable napkins and inform your guests that the washcloths are just for show.

Socks for a rose bouquet – Visit this page to learn how to make a rose bouquet out of reusable baby socks. This makes a great table centerpiece.

Baby bottles, pacifiers, booties for paper weights – You can use any small baby item that’s heavy enough to hold balloons. Fill small bottles with candies, marbles, etc, and tie the balloon string around the bottle, just under the nipple. A pacifier is a bit lighter, so you can use that for just one balloon. Make a few with pacifiers and place them randomly around the room. For baby booties, place a pair of booties next to each other and tie the balloon string around the shoe laces.

Baby clothesline for streamer or banner – Use a bunch of baby clothes, booties, bibs, etc. and create a line to hang across the room. Have your guests decorate some onesies and use those too.

Baby blanket as a tablecloth for gift table – Use a nice, fluffy fleece blanket to drape your gift table. If the table is too big for one blanket, use a crib sheet, which is a bit larger.

Diaper cake – This is the ultimate reusable piece of d├ęcor. You can buy a diaper cake or make your own. Either way, use it as your centerpiece for the head table, and make sure the cake is made with usable diapers that the mom can use for future use.

How would you create reusable baby shower decorations?
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Lady A said...

So cool! I wish I had your blogspot b4 I did my gfriend's shower. IT's all good, cuz some of the ideas you have, I did. It was fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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Paper InStyle said...

Very good ideas!

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