Monday, July 27, 2009

Essential Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

Most likely, if you receive a baby sprinkle invitation in the mail, it will pretty much tell you what kinds of gifts to bring.

Why? Because the whole purpose of a “sprinkle” is to not only celebrate the coming of another child, but to also stray away from the unnecessary gifts like baby furniture and lots of clothes.

Just in case your hostess does not specify what type of gifts to bring to a baby sprinkle, I’ve put together a list of 5 essential gifts for this type of celebration. Everything on the list is a crucial must-have for a new baby and the parents.

Diapers – All babies need them; tons of them! Don’t just buy the newborn ones either. Babies need diapers well into the toddler years. *Tip* - buy a diaper cake and you’ll be giving a gift that's not only useful, but beautiful to look at!

Wipes – If you have kids of your own, you know what it’s like to almost run out of wipes. For every diaper the parents use, they’ll use anywhere from 2 to 5 wipes.

Baby food – Even if the mom is planning to breastfeed, she’ll still need plenty of food for her growing baby. A baby food gift basket would be a great gesture.

Baby bath and lotion – This is another useful gift idea that can be presented as a gift basket. Include a few washcloths and baby bath toys to the collection.

Onesies – The parents might have some left over from the other children, but onesies can get messy fast. Many parents use them not only as undergarments, but also as “around the house” clothing for the baby. Babies tend to get food and other stains on their clothes. And a lot of them just get thrown away if the stains don’t come out.

Rule of thumb for selecting baby sprinkle gifts – stay away from the big and unnecessary stuff. You are more than welcome to buy nursery d├ęcor, cute outfits, toys, etc. But you don’t want to overcrowd the home with stuff the parents will have no room for. If you know they already have a crib, don’t overload them with another one.

Remember that the idea here is to “sprinkle” the baby and mom-to-be with gifts.


Hapi said...

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Sandra said...

I love your list of baby essentials. This list is a must!
Sandra from

The Baby Shower Guides Lady said...

A baby shower sprinkle is as you say about the sprinkle.

Sprinkle with gifts not overload the parents-to-be.

The list you have put together are ideal for sprinkle baby showers.
Essential bits and bobs will always be appreciated and well used for sure.

Just to add to this a sprinkle can also incorporate some special treats for mom and dad. Maybe some bath time luxuries for mom or even a spa treat would really go down a treat.

For dad maybe a DVD or a ticket to his favorite game.

The key thing to remember is not to buy big bulky stuff as the parents to be will more then likely have the main baby essentials already.

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